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January Feeding PROLOGUE

The invitation came in the mail, just as I was told it would.  It was a plain envelope,
no return address, inside an index card, with nothing more than a time and meeting
place for the interview.  This meant the background check on me had been successful woohoo!  
The time was friday at 3pm, the location in front of the public library.

The day had come, and I could think of nothing else but to watch the clock.  At 2pm I set out
for the library, I'd be a half hour early at least.

At precisely 3pm a young man wearing casual clothes and a cap stepped in close and said
"Mr Greene? Please follow me."  He motioned towards a small panel van waiting at the curb,
the rear side door robotically slid open as I approached.  A single bucket seat, facing
towards the windowless rear panel doors, I took a seat and instinctively put on my
seatbelt.  As the door slid shut, the young man instructed, "We have a 40 minute drive.  
Stay seated and do NOT look forward!  I am watching."  Too much work had gone into this,
I wasn't going to risk it all by being curious.

After a time on the freeway, the minivan exited and made a number of turns, finally stopping.  
The side door slid open, and I was invited out.  An enclosed loading dock.  I was ushered to
a door and left to open it myself.  A small office, a desk, a man in a dark business suit behind it.

"Welcome Mr. Greene, have a seat..." the man motioned to a desk chair not as comfortable as his own..

"I'm JT, and will be handling your account.  Our background check has found you to be a suitable
candidate for our group, so let's get right to business."

"Great, I'd be very pleased to join."

"Very well, let's set you up.  You understand that membership requires a monthly payment of $500,
as well as an introductory commission of one performance?"


It was weeks before mid-terms, and she could have easily finished her course assignments at the dorm.
But her roomate kept having friends over, playing like children, making so much noise, and making fun
of her for being so serious!

In High School Lisa was not popular, so now that she was at the University, she had a chance to start
over, to rebrand herself.  Her thoughts had begun to mature towards boys, but her protective and
conservative mother made it impossible for her to experiment with how she presented herself,
to explore her femininity.

Now she was in college, 500 miles from her mother, and for the first time free to choose what she
could wear. She adored lace, the look and the feel of it.  How it hugged and tickled.  And in the mirror
it was just so yummy.  She knew enough that it should not be shown in public, but she held a dark
desire to show it when she chose.  She imagined many scenarios where she might flash the edge of her
brassiere, the lacy tops of her stockings.  The complete mystery of how the man would respond, it was
exciting to her.

So she would always wear her favorite lace undergarments, under clothes that would completely hide it,
but that would make it easy to show when she wanted. In her eye this was a conservative looking outfit,
that showed her seriousness and professionalism. It was her naivete that kept her from seeing
that her choice of outfit was a little bit slutty.

The library was open until 10pm.  She could finish her homework, and then read ahead in her textbooks
until closing.  Maybe the dorm room would be quiet by then.

"Can you tell me more about the commission?"

"Of course.  To demonstrate your committment to the group, you will commission a performance at the standard
price.  At the successful conclusion of the performance you will become a full-fledged member, entitling you
to live feeds of future performances, attendance at our live events, and other group discounts and benefits.  
The introductory commission prices start at $2000, where a performer meeting the characteristics of your choice
is selected at random.  If you have a specific performer in mind, the base price is $10,000 and perhaps more
depending on the risk and difficulty in collection.  Do you have a specific choice of performer?"

"..."  The monotone of his delivery faded to a hum as the thought of a beautiful young 'performer', her long
luscious legs being nibbled and tugged, sliding down the beast's expanding throat, pausing briefly to envelope
her over-sized breasts, and then slurp, just a shuddering bulge in the beasts belly... "wuh?" I instinctively
brush at my mouth to make sure no moisture had escaped...

"Do you have a particular individual in mind?"

"Noo.  But may I request a few physical characteristics?"

"Of course.  This will be a chef's special then.  Fill out this questionairre with your preferences, and when
we find a candidate we will share a preview image with you for approval.  If you decline three candidates we will
choose among them for you, so try not to be too picky."

He hands me a computer tablet with a series of questions, gender, age range, body type, ethnicity, demeanor, style
of dress.  I focus on answering quickly, my imagination is being sparked by the options again.  The next page showed their
stable of 'co-stars', alligators, giant snakes, tentacle monsters, plant monsters.  Each listed with dates of availability.
I make my selections and return the tablet to his desk.  My face feels hot.

He retrieves it and surveys my selections... "yes...yess... Okay, very good choices Mr. Greene.  We should be able to
fill this order within the week.  Please be ready to respond to the previews of the candidates quickly.  We wouldn't
want to lose an opportunity waiting for your approval."

"I understand, believe me, my phone will be charged and at my side at all times."

"Okay and finally please sign this..." he places a legal document in front of me.
"By signing this you are stating that you have knowingly and willingly solicited our
services, which will result in the end of a human life..."
The library was quiet, with only a few people studying.  She found a room with no one
else in it, and spread her books out in front of her and got started on her Intro to Physiology homework.

As she worked, she noticed another student entering the room, taking a seat at the far side of the
line of tables.  She pretended not to notice, it was a boy.  Intensifying her concentration on her textbook,
she made sure her dress was hiked enough to show her beautiful stockings...
January Feeding PROLOGUE
My friends :iconericamelted: and :iconfntrdy2001: reached out to me to give a little more background for this story.  As I told them,
there IS more to the story, it's just difficult to capture it all in a photo series.  Well my conversations with them firmed up the story more,
and resulted in some words I could share.

My first posted story, but you don't have to be gentle with me, I can take it :D
I'm not an authority on illustration or 2d digital art, but I do love this image, I can describe why.

First, if there is a cosplay or fan basis for this image I don't know it and am not
influenced by it.

What I love is how it transports my imagination, to a book-stack cubicle, where
we find a lovely 'studying' pulp pirate fiction, but taking an interest in we the
viewer instead of the book, and hopefully for that reason needs to adjust and scratch herself.

So the concept is pleasing straight away.

Visually the image has a lot of impact, with aggressive light from the left
highlighting her face, eyes, and neck beautifully. The wrinkles in her top at
her shoulder emphasize the heroics of the fabric in containing her bosoms.

The large glasses don't hide anything of her beautifully rendered eyes, but give
her a bookish intellectual style. The lip stud contrasts with this style, telling the
viewer (gawker) that she has a dark sensual side, regardless of how innocent she
might otherwise appear. The elven ears just make her even more exotic.

Though her impressive endowments provide much of the gravity, her eyes
are gorgeous as well, alive and curious and inviting. The corneas accurately reflecting the scene lights, the beautifully colored irises are a touch
brighter than everything else, making them just a little reflective. I'm sure
there is technique here I don't appreciate, but the results are stunning.

This image goes into my inspiration folder for the eyes, but more importantly
because it reminds and instructs on how engrossing it is to have multiple
satisfying details. My attention is so hopelessly divided amongst them I get lost
desperately panning and zooming and pausing. I seriously love that!
What happens next in January Feeding?
15 deviants said The lowering stops, she gets licked and tugged and further disrobed
13 deviants said The next frames have the mouth at pelvis, chest, neck, and then totally swallowed
8 deviants said Brilliant! Stop running polls and give us the next one!
3 deviants said What kind of sick mind would create these sorts of images? Disgusting!
3 deviants said She is continuously lowered, with multiple frames showing the progress
January Feeding 07
[I wouldn't blame anyone for missing the introduction of the new appendage... it's pretty damned subtle with the will turn into a 
tongue pink unless someone else has a better idea!]

Mature Content

January Feeding 06 by greene-tee

Mature Content

January Feeding 08 by greene-tee


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Hey All!  I've been posting to Renderotica for the last year, a very welcoming and inclusive spot on the web.  But sometimes I want to render sexy, not erotic, and I'm afraid the results are too tame for that audience.  I want to improve in the craft and in the vision, and so I want to put my work in front of more critical eyes, perhaps with less focus on getting to the nasty bits.  (no disrespect intended to my brothers and sisters at Renderotica, they simply know what they want)  Oh and I have no problem getting saucier, register with Renderotica and check out the greent gallery to witness the extent of perversion.


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